Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shelter Iftar Designs

Here's one of my latest designs for a fundraising Iftar for a local women's shelter. I did many of the promotional items for the event which included two flyers, a banner and this postcard.

Elements of the postcard design were used in many emails for the event and is in a recent article on MANA's (Muslim Alliance in North America) website and on the event organizer's website.

More images from this Iftar event to come......


Nadirah Angail said...

salaam, glad you finally got a website (or sorts). This is nice. you should put more of your stuff on here. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Ama Designs said...

Wa salaam,
You're welcome sis! I'm trying to upload more files now. Keep it comin' with your reflections and I'll keep it coming with the designs :)