Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feast Your Eyes on This invitation

I know when you look at the date you're probably wondering why I am posting this from two years ago. Well I'm posting this in preparation for the other items I'm creating for this client. Tianna Feaster, a personal chef, has been my client for about two years now and I've done a myriad of items for her which include a bio, business cards and labels . She is currently a blogger on . She was also featured in an April 2008 Essence magazine article entitled, Make Extra Cash Fast, and is featured in a cooking segment on WUSA Channel 9 in DC. Check out her website So look out for this sister, she's doing big things in 2010! And look out for the new items I'm designing for her....will post them soon!


Feast Your Eyes on This said...

Sister your work is fabulous! Thank you for using your creative talents on Feast Your Eyes on This! Feast Your Eyes on your work! God bless and much love!

Ama Designs said...

Thanks! I like that "Feast Your Eyes on your work" That's sweet. God bless you too and keep making culinary masterpieces!